Birthday Parties

Magic can offer one of two different magical characters for your perfect Magic Birthday Party. JubJub the Clown and Ty the Magic Guy has performed in hundreds of birthday parties for over 10 years while boasting one of the best shows in Utah. There’s nothing quite like the special magical feeling at one of our premier magic Birthday parties which is perfect for kids of all ages. The kids and adults alike will enjoy the show.


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What is included in all magic birthday parties?

  • 45 min magic show with many fun and exciting magical routines.
  • The birthday child receives a “free” magic personal size birthday cake.
  • JubJub the Clown makes the birthday child the star of the show.
JubJub magic show party
clown magic show party

Plans and Pricing

We have a few flexible and affordable packages for the perfect magic show.

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JubJub the clown showed up for my sons birthday party. His performance at the magic show party was amazing. He called my son up on stage and made appear that the trick only worked for my son and not for jubjub. My son told me “that he felt so awesome and it was really cool, and funny cause the magic worked for him, and so he helped the silly clown.” JubJub’s character really shines and delights the children would highly recommend him.

Janet Heines